Posted by: Dr P | June 2, 2010

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call – New Orleans

The last few movies I’ve seen Nic Cage in (Kick Ass excepted) he’s been pretty woeful, so it was with some trepidation I approached this flick. Bearing little resemblance to the original BL movie (infamous for a certain scene – if you don’t know, look it up), this one features the increasing drug dependency and addiction of Cage’s character, Sergeant Terence McDonagh of the New Orleans police force.

Set immediately following Hurricane Katrina, the movie opens with McDonagh injuring himself severely while rescuing a prisoner from a flooding jail. This begins his descent into the world of prescription painkillers, and it’s not long before he’s developed all manner of addiction to every kind of drug you can imagine. Whilst continuing to pursue his police work, McDonagh becomes increasingly reliant on stealing drugs from any raids he’s involved in, and even from the storehouse at the police station.

Big G was adamant he wanted to see this film, and I have to hand it to him, he picked a very very weird one! Any movie featuring a scene from the perspective of an iguana is worth seeing. If that’s not weird enough, there was also a car accident involving an alligator … the aftermath of which we see from the perspective of … another alligator! Hilarious!

Of course I suspected Big G really had my interests at heart when I discovered that Cage’s girlfriend is played by my fave, Eva Mendes – she’s another drug-obsessed hooker (similar to her wonderful character in We Own the Night (which remains my fave review btw for those who haven’t yet read it), although here she’s trying to recover and better herself). Eva is suitably fulsome and always worth the screen time!

Anyway, back to the film. McDonagh finds himself at the centre of an investigation into the brutal slayings of 5 Senegalese immigrants – though as the movie progresses this kind of takes a back seat. The movie shifts from covering the policing side to focusing mainly on the drug stealing and McDonagh’s double life working alongside drug dealers.

It all gets increasingly bizarre and there are any number of scenes that warrant a “huh?”

That’s probably all there is to say about it really. Nic Cage was made for roles like this – just stop taking stupid films like “Knowing” and you’ll sort your career out! Oh and Val Kilmer is decent as Cage’s partner and sidekick.


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