Posted by: bigg36 | May 7, 2010

In the beginning…

Unleashed on an unsuspecting world and just to prove I do exist and am not just a figment of Dr Ps vivid imagination……

I am Yoda to Dr Ps Darth and together we will decorate the galaxy

I’ll leave the reviews to the dark master and pontificate pointlessly on the musings of our travels together through time and space (and around the outskirts of  Bolton)

Why does Bolton FM play jazz at night ?  Has anyone else ever heard it?  It is truly disturbing.

Car journeys at night can bring a shared experience (in a non-dodgy way) and oft we can be found descending into increasingly ridiculous and extended silliness based around the film of the night or whatever music has rashly been played on the one of the local radio stations.



  1. You truly scare me …

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