Posted by: Dr P | February 20, 2010

Edge of Darkness

Mel Gibson’s latest big screen vehicle is an Americanised remake of the classic BBC drama about conspiracy and government cover-ups. Gibson plays cop Thomas Craven, a regular homicide detective whose life is turned upside down when his daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic, in her finest performance since the 2002 Wimbledon ladies singles) is gunned down on the steps of his home.

Although everyone initially believes that Craven Sr is the target of the “hit”, it quickly becomes clear that Emma was hiding a dark secret and was actually the intended victim. Not only is she a dab hand with a tennis racquet, she’s part of a group that was set to reveal the horrible truth about the activities at a nuclear facility where they were employed. A bit of a Homer Simpson, really, although slightly less jaundiced in appearance.

As Gibson starts to become more and more actively involved in uncovering the conspiracy for himself, he runs into government cover-up specialist Ray Winstone, fresh from some menacing adverts for Bet 365 and now keen to gamble with anyone who gets in the government’s way. Winstone soon realises that with nothing left to lose, Craven will happily sacrifice himself in a bid to reveal the truth, and also discovers they have shared passions for vintage scotch, and vintage overacting.

As Craven gets deeper into the cover-up and Winstone’s voice gets deeper, the body count starts to mount, with both sides seemingly uncaring about who they remove – and how – as they exact their own justice from the situation.

Big G and I enjoyed this film, and felt it stacked up well alongside the original series. Gibson is well worth the screen time, he certainly does add weight to the screen, while Winstone also adds quite a serious amount of weight in his own way (mainly cos he spends half of his scenes eating or drinking).

Coming soon – Gibson takes on the role of John Craven, a tough, uncompromising pensioner whose regular forays into the English countryside harbour a dark, dark secret. The remake of the classic long-running BBC drama “Countryfile” is set to hit the big screens in 2011.


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