Posted by: Dr P | December 30, 2009

St Trinian’s 2 – Legend of Fritton’s Gold

Keen members of this group will recall that I reviewed the first new big screen adaptation of St Trinian’s with a very keen eye some time ago – newer members may wish to zip through the archives and check it out. As I recall it featured a fair mention of scantily clad females. Hardly surprising really.

However, in the new movie, the producers have attempted to balance out the eye candy by recruiting the popular David Tennant as a worthy adversary for the Trinian’s girls! However, just when you think the scales are tipping, up pops Girls Aloud’s Sarah Harding to tip the balance back in favour of the boys again! Woop! And then they bring back Gemma Arterton … in leather! My goodness.

OK, the flimsy plot holding this all visual delight together surrounds a pirate ancestor of the St Trinian’s headmistress, Miss Fritton. Once again, the movie is totally stolen by Rupert Everett, who “drags up” and puts on some outlandish blouses to play the headmistress. An utter treat! Anyway, it turns out that just over 400 years ago, Fritton the pirate managed to make off with 10,000 gold doubloons belonging to a certain Lord Pomfrey. Now the sands of time have fallen and the current Pompfrey (Tennant) has returned and is desperate to exact revenge and recover the gold, now worth an estimated 480 million pounds (or so we discover, thanks to the bursar).

In order to locate the treasure, two partsof an ancient ring must be located and reunited – when combined they give the coordinates. One ring has turned up at St Trinian’s, and thus Pomfrey leads a raid – although initially foiled by the girls, weilding a heady misture of flour, hockey sticks and assorted amusing weaponry, the bad guys take the ring and taunt Fritton and the girls.

Cue much planning of revenge, the recruitment of former Head Girl Gemma Arteron (now apparently working for, wait for it, MI *SEVEN*), and an audacious raid at the Globe Theatre.

There are some tremendously silly – and fun – side plots, the main one involving the unlikely romance between Miss Fritton and Colin Firth’s character – they end up very very amusingly having to re-enact the lead roles in Romeo and Juliet the the Globe, which is both poignant and completely bonkers.

If you go into this film with any expectations whatsoever you’ll be disappointed. If however you want a fluffy bubblegum comedy which will make you laugh, this delivers. It’s fun, light, very silly and not to be taken with one iota of seriousness. It certainly won’t be winning any awards, but it’s kinda feelgood, and it does have a very attractive cast … whatever your age or persuasion 🙂



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