Posted by: Dr P | November 6, 2009

Jennifer’s Body

As regular readers will know, I railed heartily against the sexploitation of Megan Fox in Transformers 2 – what could have been a decent supporting role was turned into a crass attempt to show off Megan’s firm, supple, young body sprawled in skimpy clothing and covered in soapy suds and … hang on … What the hell was I thinking?

Anyway the lovely Ms Fox is back in this black teen Halloween comedy. Fox plays the titular (stop laughing at the back) Jennifer, a buxom high school cheerleader with a lust for boys and partying. Her best friend is Needy. Yes, you read that right. She’s actually *called* Needy. There’s definitely someone having a bit of a laugh here. Anyway Needy (played in a dowdy manner by Mamma Mia’s divine Amanda Seyfried) is a sensible, plain girl with a steady boyfriend and less of the party spirit.

The duo head off to a local tavern to see a hot young band; they do indeed turn out to be hot, as the place sets on fire, killing man of the kids in attendance. Jennifer is abducted by the band, and Needy rushes home frantic to try and get help for her missing friend. A short while after getting back, Needy is horrified when a blood spattered Jennifer turns up at her house, and freaks her out by vomiting black goo and seeming to be covered in human remains.

The next day Jennifer turns up at school looking like nothing at all has happened, but then one by one the school guys start to wind up dead – all killed in gruesome ways. As the bodies pile up, Needy suspects her friend is involved, and sets out to stop the rampage before Jennifer can set her sights on her boyfriend, Chip.

As teen comedy/slash movies go, there are far superior examples of the genre. We’ve seen dozens of these over the years, with the Scream films in particular setting the standard for bloody laughs. Yes, Fox is lush and yes, Seyfried can appear in a film without bursting into song, but there’s little substance to the movie other than guts and gore.

Perhaps the most horrific thing about this movie is the screenwriter, who is the brilliantly named Diablo Cody. Someone was definitely playing too many computer games around the time of his conception! Still, at least he’s not called “Doom” or “Lunar Jetpac” which would have been downright daft. And don’t even mention Jetset Willy.

Fox breezes through the role with little to do other than pout, show a bit of T&A and seduce everyone in sight, while Seyfried does at least get to show off a marginally wider emotional range (loud screams, whimpering and running in a panicked state).

Perhaps the greatest amount of panic shown was by your writer, who spent half the movie peering through his fingers and grabbing desperately onto anything in sight … I am not good with horror! Even comedy horror! Half the laughs indeed came from Amanda, who had to suffer my regular cringes!

If you are a fan of Foxy Megan then go see this this, but if you are after slightly more inventive or cleverer gore from your horror movie, there are much better films around, both new and on DVD. Not a bad effort, but it could have been much better!


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