Posted by: Dr P | May 11, 2009

The Spirit

The latest comic book adaptation from Frank “300” Miller is the mediocre tale of “The Spirit”, a mysterious masked hero who aids his city’s police department in fighting arch nemesis, the nefarious “Octopus”. I have to say that going in I had very high hopes – 300 is a modern classic in my view, while Sin City was also a superb adaptation, shot very much in comic style. I confess that the initial premise of this movie is sound enough, we plunge straight into the action and learn a little about both the hero and villain of the piece, and see some cracking action pieces.

Two of the other main protagonists appear very quickly – in the form of the rather lovely Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson. Whilst the latter is cast somewhat against type as a fairly prim secretary type (insert your own fantasy here), Mendes sizzles from start to finish as The Spirit’s former girlfriend now turned to crime. It was slightly uncomfortable sitting next to Big G as he started to salivate at this point … there are a number of my Facebook friends, male and female, who have a bit of a thing for Cheryl Cole, but forget that Geordie bint, Mendes is on a whole new level! Long term readers will recall that her cameo in “We Own The Night” provided me with some review golddust – go look it up if you haven’t seen it – and this is no exception. My word, indeed. Ahem.

Right, back to the plot and we pick up the action with … well, absolutely nothing happening. That’s actually the big problem with the movie. Fast start, fast finish, but the middle section is a complete snoozefest. In fact my erstwhile companion did start to nod at one point, although that may have been in a vain effort to distract from the frothing. We see the Octopus attempt to kill off the hero, The Spirit attempt to discover more about who – or what – he really is, and various police types drive about madly. It sounds dull, and it really is. I normally like to lace my reviews with a bit of humour or frivolity, but there was little I found to entertain me in the plot itself.

Miller is back later in the Spring with his Watchmen adaptation – the base material is much better and the trailer promises much more. Let’s hope this was a mere blip. I suspect a sequel will not be forthcoming!


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