Posted by: Dr P | May 1, 2009

Stocky Small Reviews

Ok, ive watched a few films recently, here are my views on them.

Marley and Me
Didnt expect much from this, but was plesantly surprised. Aniston finaly breaks from her Rachel character and gives a decent performance. Probably need to be a dog lover, but i would certainly reccomend and my son (5) loved it, although a couple of scenes not fully suitable.

Again pleasantly surprised with this. Not too unsimilar to its American counterparts, but the fact it takes place on the M1 and some familiar service station certainly gives it an edge. Not a bad film from a new british director. Certainly worth a view.

Hmmmmm, not sure at all about this one. My Wife hated it, I am a little undecided. Certainly not the action that some of the trailors potray. My verdict….wait to see what Paul thinks before watching šŸ˜‰

Hotel for Dogs
Very good, highly reccomended for the kids. Again I think you probably need to like dogs.


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