Posted by: Dr P | April 19, 2009

Bronson and Mall Cop (Stocky reviews)

One of the strangest films I have ever seen, probably compounded by the fact that it is the only time I have ever been to the cinema on my own. I am Glad my wife Angela didnít come to see it though as I think she would have hated it. The film is the life story of Charlie Bronson, convicted for stealing £26, he finds himself very much at home inside a prison. Lots of violence, although not gratuitous, it is an interesting story if some of the scenes are a little bizarre.

Not the greatest film, but watchable and an interesting look into the life of one of Britainís most notorious prisoners.

Mall Cop
After seeing the preview we had really decided to give Mall Cop a miss, but it was the only film that Daniel (5) could see last Friday so we gave it a go. Cant think of the actors name who plays the main character (guy out of Kings of Queens) but he was pretty good. The film is sort of Die Hard meets Home Alone, it has many funny bits and it was defiantly better than expected. A few lame bits but the whole family enjoyed it.

Dr P’s comments:
The mall cop is played by Kevin James – not to be confused with Kevan James, the fine Hampshire and South African all rounder of the 1980s! He once fielded very close to me at a Sunday League game at Old Trafford and it was fascinating watching him field because he had a very very hard, flat throw, typical of southern hemisphere players who typically play on larger grounds!

I remember trying to duplicate the throw in a game at school and nearly dislocating my shoulder ūüėČ

The Bronson story is bizarre – he basically craved notoriety and wanted to get arrested and imprisoned! And all for a few quid.


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