Posted by: Dr P | February 7, 2009

Fast and Furious

5 years after the tumultuous events of The Fast and the Furious 2, the original cast are reunited for a new episode in the turbo charged franchise. As part of an action double header (we saw this just before Crank 2, reviewed elsewhere), this seemed like good popcorn fodder for a Sunday afternoon.

The film opens with a corking set piece. In the mountains of the Dominican Republic, Vin and his crazy gang of street racing criminals are in the process of hijacking a gas truck in order to get thousands of gallons of fuel for their street racing cars. In a tumultuous 15 minute action thrillride, the team take one risk after another, before the scene ends in carnage!

This is a pretty sexy movie. Vin Diesel in a vest … Vin Diesel wearing overalls (cut off, half chest exposed of course) … Vin Diesel in a vest again … Vin Diesel holding an array of tools … etc. The rest of the cast are pretty hot too – Jordana Brewster is back as Vin’s l’il sis, and we also have the return of Paul Walker, the FBI man turned street racer turned FBI man again, and of course the utterly fab Michelle Rodriguez as Vin’s main squeeze, who unfortunately meets a grisly demise early on in the film (nooooooo!).

If fast cars, silly stunts and hot leads are your thing, you’ll enjoy this – no the acting’s not the best, some of the dialogue is a little hokey, and we’ve seen it all before, but it’s a leave your brain at the door and sit back and enjoy action ride that petrol heads, Latino lovers and action movie buffs should get something out of.

The story is fairly simple (as you’d expect, none of these characters are thinking much beyond a 5 second span) – there’s a new heroin dealer, Braga, on the block, he’s recruiting drivers to move the drugs across the US-Mexico border, and the FBI are onto him. Vin’s character, Dom, remains a wanted man, but he’s also keen to get to Braga, as he believes the boss is responsible for the demise of his girl (Rodriguez). With just one spot open, it’s up to Walker and Diesel to fight – or rather drive – it out to get inside Braga’s operation.

Of course the best laid plans never go right, and the duo end up teaming together again, much to the annoyance of Walker’s bosses and the baddies.

Some top action stunts abound, and there’s an unbelievable amount of flesh on view – it’s a bit like Bury’s Sol Viva on a Saturday night, but with attractive people … šŸ˜‰

I think the franshise is past its best now, but this final attempt to milk the Fast and Furious cash cow has a few things going for it. Mainly Vin’s vest but still …


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