Posted by: Dr P | November 11, 2008

Babylon AD

Set in a post-apocalyptic world of the future, this is the movie about … well, I’m still not sure actually. It’s been a couple of weeks since I saw it and I can’t recall anything remotely worth writing about. There’s a girl with some strange organism inside her that a cult wants to worship, there’s a sect of nuns that protect her, and there are bounty hunters and killers let loose everywhere. Oh and a lot of very very large screen TVs.

Now I love Vin Diesel. In the Fast and the Furious he put in a performance X rated for action, he was superb in XXX, he drinks a lot of XXXX and he’s even a former world noughts and crosses champion. What a guy! However in this futuristic thriller, he is less Vin Diesel, more Vin Autogas. He looks as lost and confused as the scriptwriter. Based on a popular book, Babylon AD could – and should – have been a true blockbuster; recent movies of this sort have been very good, with Children of Men in particular standing out as truly great. However, this is a total mess from start to finish.

At no point did I warm to any of the characters. Vin is Vin and is therefore very watchable, but the talents of Michelle Yeoh, Charlotte Rampling and others are wasted. The film essentially concentrates on the journey of the strange girl from Europe to New York, and the chase that ensues, but the adaptation lacks the clarity and drive of the book. It appears to me that the moviemakers focused their budget on the sets and the explosions rather than creating a compelling storyline. I would seriously recommend this movie … as one to miss.

Bablyon AD? Papylon AD I say!

Best moment? The end!


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